Benefits of Swimming Everyday

Swimming has been regarded as the best exercise. After all, you will be able to derive all the benefits of an aerobic exercise without any harmful impact on your joints. Both the old and the very young can take part in swimming. Most athletes use this exercise to stay strong and keep fitness especially when […]

Freestyle Breathing Timing

I learned something important during my Master’s swim class this morning. I wasn’t breathing at the right time! I was breathing when my hand started coming out of the water which was causing my other arm to cross in front of my head. What you need to do is to start breathing when your arm […]

What Muscles Does Swimming Work?

Swimming is an exercise that affects the whole body because it demands both power and cardio. When you swim, your heart as well as the muscles in your hips, arms, legs, and torso are worked. The resistance you create against water while swimming makes your muscle to contract and stretch thereby making your muscle fibers […]

Laughlin’s Total Immersion Swimming Technique Gives Hope To Fearful Swimmers

It generally only takes one bad experience with water for people to develop a lifelong fear of swimming. A playful uncle throws you into the deep end of the pool not knowing you aren’t a good swimmer. Or you lost your footing on a slippery sand bank and were under water for longer than you […]