Reflect Sports Complete Swimming Shampoo Line

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Product Description

REFLECT H2O® Sulfate Free Swim Shampoo: Reflect Sports swimming shampoo has been precisely formulated to prevent green hair, get chlorine out, strengthen and promote the growth of distressed and damaged hair and protect your hair color while keeping it healthy, hydrated, shiny and smelling good. Superior ingredients with stated end benefits were selectively chosen including, pro vitamin B5, vitamin E, wheat amino acids, keratin amino acids, silk amino acids, hops, and UV absorber.
REFLECT H2O® Swimming Conditioner: Reflect Sports swimming conditioner is formulated to moisturize, strengthen and promote the growth of distressed and chlorine damaged hair, leaving it shiny, silky and smooth. REFLECT H2O®Swimming Conditioner is a salon quality conditioner that hydrates, replenishes and restores hair damaged by chlorine. Reflect Sports swimming conditioner will leave your hair shiny, smooth and smelling good. Superior ingredients with stated benefits were selectively chosen including hazel seed oil, chamomilla flower extract, rosemary, keratin amino acids, silk amino acids, hops, UV absorber, and vitamin E.
REFLECT H2O® Pre-Swim and Sun Protecting Gel: REFLECT H2O® Pre-Swim & Sun Gel can be used on wet or dry hair prior to swimming or activity. Our pre-swim gel will coat and seal the cuticle locking in moisture, protecting your hair from chlorine, salt, other impurities and the sun. By using this pre-swim gel you will prevent the adherence of chlorine, salt, other impurities including copper deposits that cause green hair. Our pre-swim gel also prevents sun damaged hair and tangles during physical activity.

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