Dimples Excel Clear Swimming Goggles for Everyday Indoor Practice + Nose Clips + Ear Plug ( 2 Pack )

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Product Description

CLEAR LENSES ESPECIALLY FOR INDOOR: Smoke or dark colored or mirrored goggles are great for bright areas outdoor, but when you are swimming indoor, they won’t let you to enjoy the crystal aqua blue underwater view because of their dark coating. While with clear lenses, you can thoroughly enjoy indoor swimming by a clearer and fresher vision of the environment.
ANTI-FOG PRETREATED: These lenses are pretreated with anti-fog spray in order to avoid fogging up when you are in the middle of a hard workout or race. Please notice that No swim goggles can be guaranteed fog-free. The effectiveness of anti-fog treatment will reduce gradually over time.
COMFORTABLE FOR EVERY DAY PRACTICE: These goggles are designed to be used frequently and for long durations. With more gasket rubber than the competition goggles, they softens the pressure against your eyes while creating a good seal.