Total Immersion Swimming – The Good And The Bad

You may feel you already are a strong swimmer and when it comes to swimming, you do not need to learn anything. But unless you have learned the technique called Total Immersion Swimming, you are selling yourself short.

Total Immersion Swimming is a technique which changes the way you move your arms and legs to propel through the water. You will virtually notice the benefits (especially the benefit of increased speed) immediately. You will master total immersion swimming no matter what your current ability is. Total Immersion swimming concentrates more on the fluid motion of your body moving through the water than on athletic abilities. The gear you need is not exclusive to any one manufacturer. From the silicone bathing cap to swim goggles, suits and accessories – you can purchase anything you need from a quality swimming supplier such as The Swimming Guy ( Even non-swimmers have used the total immersion swimming techniques and became efficient swimmers in days.

Total Immersion Swimming was created by swimming instructor and coach, Terry Laughlin. It is a combination of principals, regarding the body’s movement through the water. It also teaches the swimmer how his brain processes motor skills information. It requires learning and practice with grace attributed to the art of yoga.

Total Immersion Swimming is about flowing with the water. It is about extending your body to its fullest, piercing the water and sliding through the smallest part of the opening you created. Have you ever been swimming and someone 20 years older and 50 pounds heavier, shoots past you like you are not even there? You are kicking your feet and flailing your arms, so hard that it would make a windmill proud, yet you are not moving nearly as quickly as the chubby, old guy! How can this be? In 15 minutes, you are exhausted and he is still sliding through the water like an Aqua-God. You try to catch your breath on the side of the pool and wonder if you are being punked. How can this be? Doesn’t he know you are younger and stronger? Didn’t he see you have a silicon cap? What is his deal? No, your friends did not slip in a retired Olympian to freak you out; he is using the Total Immersion Swimming Techniques. He is using his body to flow with the water, not using his hands to chop it out of his way. He is wearing basic swimming gear, goggles and trunks and a few things, but you do not see any rockets attached to his backside. No, he is just speed swimming with the flow.

Total Immersion Swimming is perfect for the beginner swimmer as there is not as much physical exertion and you do not tire as easily. It is perfect for the swimmer whose time lags due to body shape and technique; to swim faster. Distance swimmers claim it allows them to swim at a steady pace and it is much kinder to the body. Anyone from children to senior citizens can learn this technique quickly and effectively. Standard swimming goggles, silicone caps and swimming supplies are all you need. Check out for ideas.

There are some swimmers who do not recommend the Total Immersion Swimming. They normally site that it is not “real swimming” without the traditional arm strokes. (Don’t tell the fish that) They claim it is not as effective an exercise. But supporters of the technique say there is plenty of exercise not just for the body but also for the mind. These anti-Total Immersion Swimmers feel you should just swim the traditional way, as fast as you can. They feel you can work with a swimming coach to improve your time. We say there is no right or wrong technique. There are only different techniques. If you can accomplish your goals with your methods work for you, go for it! If you want to experience the sport you love in a whole new light, give Total Immersion Swimming a try. Keep an open mind. Everyone is not born with swimming skills. Some of us swim like a rock. Some have physical issues that limit our abilities. This is an effective way to allow us to swim and to swim fast in a way that refreshes, teaches and improves our lives. For the swimming challenged and for the beginner, Total Immersion Swimming technique is a joy! This freestyle swimming builds confidence and allows people to grow mentally and emotionally.

If swimming is your passion, then do it. Do it every way you can and let it enhance your life. Don’t deny yourself a rare treat of a unique experience just because it is not your normal method. So what? Dare to dream. Dare to see your dreams through the eyes of others.

Total Immersion swimming is a way to open your world. If you allow yourself to experience swimming in a new way, how will you see the rest of your world? How will you relate to swimmers, you never even considered before? Who can you share your gift with that may not have ever attempted to speed swim before? All these questions come to mind. The answers are thrilling to think about.

So grab your instructional cd, slide into your athletic swimwear, grab your goggles and strap a back float on your Chihuahua and hit the pool! You just might find a whole new experience.